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    Post  desmortes on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:17 am

    Personal Information

    Your name : michael

    Your age :22

    Your nationality : USA

    Your time zone:UTC-0:700

    Character Information

    Character name : Desmortes

    Class :Warrior

    Race :Human

    Spec: this is link had to rewirite kept getting error

    Attuned to MC/BWL/Naxxramas :


    List all your gear and enchants (Caster = Hit + Crit + SPMelee = Hit + Crit + AP) :
    Head: Helm of Wrath  +7defense/+10 stamina/+15 block value
    Neck: Rage of Mugamba  
    Shoulders: Pauldron's of Might 
    Cloak:Overlord's embrace  +70 armor
    Chest:Zandalar's vindicator Breastplate +100 Hp
    Bracers: Bracers of Might  +9 stamina
    Gloves:Gauntlets of the Immovable 
    Waist:Belt of the Sand Reaver
    Pants:Legplates of Wrath +7 defense/ +10 Stamina/ +15 block value
    Boots: Sabaton's of Might +7 stamina
    Ring 1:Overlord's Crimson Band
    Ring 2:Heavy Dark Iron Ring
    Trinket 1:Force of Will
    Trinket 2:Hand Of Justice
    Ranged W:HeartSeeking Crossbow
    MainHand:BloodLord's Defender +15 agil
    OffHand: Agies of the Blood God +2% block

    willing to alter enchants upon request
    Resistances ( Fire / Nature / Frost ) : Currently Working on Resist set's up until now i have only been pugging raids so i did not have a need to get them.

    Show us your UI :  ok going to be honest im having troubl converting the image from a .tga to a .jpeg. im not so good when it comes to stuff on computers other than video games. 

    List of the addons you are currently using :

    CT Raid 
    Damage Meters
    willing to download any other addons required.

    PvE Experience : Aq20/ZG/MC/BWL/AQ40 on feenix

    Previous guilds in Feenix : Was in The final Sanctum and several other smaller guilds. 

    General Information

    Are you able to attend to atleast 3 raids, every week (We raid Sun,Tues,Thurs 19:30-23:30 Server Time and invites start at 19.00 ST):
    Yes i am able to make these raid times

    Can you come to raids and supply your own consumables (e.g. Flasks).Please state what concumables you are using: yes i can., 
    flask of the titans
    elixir of mongoose
    elixir of brute force
    Elixir of defense
    scroll of agility IV
    Scroll of Strength IV
    Scroll of Stamina IV
    Fire protection
    frost protection
    Shadow Protection
    Nature protection
    Rumsey rum black label
    Magic resistance potion
    Dirge's kickin' chimaerok chops

    We might have to rotate you during a raid, are you willing to stay on stand by ?
    Have you read the rules and do you accept them ?
    yes i do
    Is there any member in <Praeda> that can vouch for you ?
    Evileyes Warrior
    Since the forum is a big part of the community you are obligated to be active on the forum and sign up for raids and contribute with your opinions. Are you willing to go along with this:

     Yes i believe Forums are a good way for people to stay in contact and share ideas without interfering with there gaming.

    Zerroc's favourite song ( Must answer ) : Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions

    (Optional) Add something you think we find interesting or useful : i am about to be married in july ...might be gone a few days on the honeymoon Smile

    Thank you for your time. The leaders will discuss your application and contact you with an answer in the next coming days.

    Revised as per request.

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    Prot Warrior App Empty Re: Prot Warrior App

    Post  Shintoma on Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:20 pm

    hello i was yday with u in evileyes ZG

    have to say something about your apply:
    - very poor apply, even worse than mine
    - you have to fix a lot of consumables and addons 
    - fix reputations with argent dawn and ZG 
    - fix enchants 

    if you fix all that shit there's my +1
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    Post  Evileyes on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:26 pm

    As Shinto said he was the OT in my ZG run. Nice and fun guy, good tank.

    Only problem I see is that gear isn't up to par with Naxx yet and I'm not quite sure about the current state of BWL so not sure how obtainable T2 is?

    But overall I like this guy and I'd love to see him in the guild!

    Good luck Smile
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    Prot Warrior App Empty Re: Prot Warrior App

    Post  Dopeey on Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:56 am

    Greetings michael and sorry for the late response

    Your application is not bad,but we gonna have to turn it down.


    Thanks for applying to our guild and good luck searching for another one.


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