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    Ablaze - Warlock app Empty Ablaze - Warlock app

    Post  Ablaze on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:35 pm

    Personal Information

    Your name : Ilija

    Your age : 19

    Your nationality : Croatian

    Your time zone: GMT +2

    Character Information

    Character name : Ablaze

    Class : Warlock

    Race : Gnome

    Spec: (SM/Ruin)

    Attuned to MC/BWL/Naxxramas : MC, BWL, Onyxia - yes; Naxx - not yet

    List all your gear and enchants (Caster = Hit + Crit + SP, Melee = Hit + Crit + AP) :   +100hp   +9 stamina  +5 stamina  +18 spell dmg/+10 stamina

    Resistances ( Fire / Nature / Frost ) : 32/0/0

    Show us your UI:

    List of the addons you are currently using : Atlasloot, Big Wigs, Damagemeters, Mobinfo-2, KlhTreatMeter, X-perl, Xloot, Necrosis LDC

    PvE Experience : 6 months on Vanilla, done all up to (including) BWL/Ony.
    4 months Cataclysm.

    Previous guilds in Feenix : Crucial

    General Information

    Are you able to attend to atleast 3 raids, every week (We raid Sun,Tues,Thurs 19:30-23:30 Server Time and invites start at 19.00 ST): Yes

    Can you come to raids and supply your own consumables (e.g. Flasks).Please state what concumables you are using: Yes. Flask of supreme power, Brilliant Wizard Oil, Elixir of greater intellect, Rumsey Rum black label.

    We might have to rotate you during a raid, are you willing to stay on stand by? Depends, but yes.

    Have you read the rules and do you accept them ? True.

    Is there any member in <Praeda> that can vouch for you ? No.

    Since the forum is a big part of the community you are obligated to be active on the forum and sign up for raids and contribute with your opinions. Are you willing to go along with this: Yes.

    Zerroc's favourite song ( Must answer ) : Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions

    (Optional) Add something you think we find interesting or useful:  
    Yes I understand I'm not attuned to naxx, and I'm working on it.
    Proffesions: tailoring/ench/first aid maxed.
    Alts: T1 hunter, paladin with nightfall, warrior tank, frost mage, resto druid

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    Ablaze - Warlock app Empty Re: Ablaze - Warlock app

    Post  Dzevad on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:12 pm

    Hello Ilija. Thanks for applying to Praeda. I will turn straight to the point.

    1. your gear is decent, however everything has to be enchanted. You can consult me ingame for the enchants. Focus on getting ZG enchant through votes on wow-one. You will need it.
    Swap Mar'li's Touch for Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo as the damage is much more important than stats.
    Also you need to start working on Rockfurry bracers in Silithus as it is bis for locks, and the time spent getting it shows that you are dedicated to join us.

    2. you are missing naxx attunement- we do naxx every week so this is the basic thing

    3. you need NR gear. get gaea's embrace and sylvan set, and NR ring that you can buy from AH. Also you need Frost damage wand..

    As you see, there are some things that need to be fixed, but i think it is not that hard. Keep me updated about your progress.



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    King of Gnomes

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    Ablaze - Warlock app Empty Re: Ablaze - Warlock app

    Post  Dopeey on Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:52 pm

    Hey mate

    any updates?

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    Ablaze - Warlock app Empty Re: Ablaze - Warlock app

    Post  Dzevad on Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:15 pm

    Showed no interest. You can apply again after fixing your stuff.


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    Ablaze - Warlock app Empty Re: Ablaze - Warlock app

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