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    Arsonal - Rogue application


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    Arsonal - Rogue application Empty Arsonal - Rogue application

    Post  Arsonal on Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:46 pm

    Personal Information

    Your name :
    Your age :
    Your nationality :
    Your time zone:
    GMT +1

    Character Information

    Character name :

    Class :

    Race :

    Spec (please link using a talentcalculator, either or , remember to post it without the http:// e.g.

    Attuned to MC/BWL/Naxxramas :
    All of the above
    List all your gear and enchants

    Head: + 8 Agi


    Shoulders: + 30 AP

    Back: + Agi

    Chest: + 4 All Stats

    Bracers: + 9 Str

    Gloves: + 15 Agi



    Boots: + 7 Agi

    Ring 1:

    Ring 2:

    Trinket 1:

    Trinket 2: /

    Main hand: + 5 Wep dmg
    Off hand: + 15 Agi

    And several other like Hakkari off-hand, Ebon hand. Gutgore ripper.

    List us your Status(Caster = Hit + Crit + SP, Melee = Hit + Crit + AP,Healers = Crit + BH + Mp/5)
    Hit 14% - Crit 30.81% - AP 784

    Resistances ( Fire / Nature / Frost ) :
    Fire: 37 - Nature and frost 0 in current gear. I do have full NR gear with about 220 res unbuffed + 2x Coldrage daggers with Icy wep enchant.

    Show us your UI (put your links without http://www to get rid of error 7 day register error e.g.

    List of the addons you are currently using :
    KTM Treathmeter
    Damage meter
    Energy tick.

    PvE Experience :
    I've done every boss up to C'thun. Meaning 8/9 AQ40 and everything below.

    Previous guilds in Feenix :
    Haven't played in a while but I was mostly active in Cursed (Razbivam guildleader)

    General Information

    Are you able to attend to atleast 3 raids, every week (We raid Sun,Tues,Thurs 19:30-23:30 Server Time and invites start at 19.00 ST):
    I am.
    Can you come to raids and supply your own consumables (e.g. Flasks).Please state what concumables you are using:
    Yes. Elixir of brute force, Elixir of giants, Elixir of the mongoose, Winterfall firewater and Rumsey Black label + Flask of the titans.

    We might have to rotate you during a raid, are you willing to stay on stand by ?
    If that's what's necessary for the guild, yes.

    Have you read the rules and do you accept them ?
    I have and I do.

    Is there any member in <Praeda> that can vouch for you ?
    I'm not quite sure, there might be.

    Since the forum is a big part of the community you are obligated to be active on the forum and sign up for raids and contribute with your opinions. Are you willing to go along with this:
    No problem.
    Zerroc's favourite song ( Must answer ) :
    (Optional) Add something you think we find interesting or useful :

    I hope you found my application well informative and i'm looking forward to possible raiding with this guild.
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    Arsonal - Rogue application Empty Re: Arsonal - Rogue application

    Post  Floortje on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:19 am

    Hello Arsonal and thank you for applying to Praeda.

    I would like to invite you to tag along with some of our raids, starting tomorrow (sunday) or later in the week if this suits you.

    Some quick notes on your gear etc;

    - Replace nightslayer boots for Blooddrenched boots (ZG drop / votable)

    - Replace seal of the gurubashi berserker for Band of Jin (ZG drop / votable) or Don Julio's Band (AV exalted).

    Feel free to whisper me ingame if you want to discuss anything in more detail, I am usually online in the evenings.



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    Arsonal - Rogue application Empty Re: Arsonal - Rogue application

    Post  Stelakis on Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:15 am

    I would also like to add that u should replace Fang of the Faceless with another dagger with hit and less speed and the best one out there for this is Aq20 exalted Smile

    Gl with the app.

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    Arsonal - Rogue application Empty Re: Arsonal - Rogue application

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