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    Post  Seras on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:38 pm

    Personal Information

    Your name : Guillaume

    Your age :22

    Your nationality :French

    Your time zone:GMT + 1

    Character Information

    Character name : Serasvic

    Class : Paladin

    Race : Human


    Attuned to MC/BWL/Naxxramas : MC for the moment

    List all your gear and enchants :
    head : Zulian Headdress
    neck : Animated Chain Necklace
    shoulder: Mantle of Lost Hope
    back : Heliotrope Cloak
    chest: Mindsurge Robe
    wrist : Sublime Wristguards
    hands : Ogreseer Fists
    belt : Belt of the Inquisition
    legs : Padre's Trousers
    boots : Firemoss Boots
    ring : Ring of Demonic Guile
    ring : Bloodclot Band
    trinket : Burst of Knowledge
    trinket : Second Wind
    main hand: Zulian Scepter of Rites
    off hand: Brightly Glowing Stone

    List us your Status(Caster = Hit + Crit + SP, Melee = Hit + Crit + AP,Healers = Crit + BH + Mp/5)
    33 mp/5 300 bonus healing crit : 17 ~ % crit

    Resistances ( Fire / Nature / Frost ) : 0/0/0

    Show us your UI : I tried some UI but i don't like it much

    List of the addons you are currently using : Grid , Decursive , pallypower

    PvE Experience : I'm pretty new on this server , i did ZG , AQ 20 , MC 10/10. I played on High level PvE at TBC on retail . I was in one of the top guild of the server as Hpal. I played WOLTK PvE too but not at High level.

    Previous guilds in Feenix : Insomnia

    General Information

    Are you able to attend to atleast 3 raids, every week (We raid Sun,Tues,Thurs 19:30-23:30 Server Time and invites start at 19.00 ST): yeah sure else i 'ld not apply

    Can you come to raids and supply your own consumables (e.g. Flasks).Please state what concumables you are using: the 2k mana elixir mostly and mana pots

    We might have to rotate you during a raid, are you willing to stay on stand by ? ofc

    Have you read the rules and do you accept them ? Yes i accept them

    Is there any member in <Praeda> that can vouch for you ? saddly no =(

    Since the forum is a big part of the community you are obligated to be active on the forum and sign up for raids and contribute with your opinions. Are you willing to go along with this:
    I always follow the forum of my guild as it is important.

    Zerroc's favourite song ( Must answer ) : regardless ( but i bet it's epic saxx Razz )

    (Optional) Add something you think we find interesting or useful : I may be a bit low geared (BiS mostly) but i'm really motivated and i take raiding really seriously. I hope that you 'll give me a try :p

    Ps : sorry for my english which is not perfect as i am not english nativ

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    Post  ljigavi on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:54 am

    +1 by me,great gear and MC att is enough anyway....
    Praeda it top end guild that farms only MC.....(this was sarcasm)
    Srsly man if u want to apply for praeda make a little effort about youself,u see in IF that preda ppl jumping with t3 gear and u are coming here with only MC attune,srsly dont get me wrong but if u want to troll some1 with application go to WIP forum or PURE!!!
    - 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 by me!!!!!!!!!!
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    Serasvic - Holy Paladin Empty Re: Serasvic - Holy Paladin

    Post  Dopeey on Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:45 am

    Bonsoir Guillaume

    Truth is that your application needs some improvement.

    First you ll have to fix your Naxx and BWL attument.

    Apart from that, i see that you miss quite some BiS pre Raid parts wrists/chest/back/trinkets.Hammertimez can guide you here.And once you got them you ll have to enchant them(you didnt link us a single enchant Very Happy )

    Seras wrote:Show us your UI : I tried some UI but i don't like it much

    This question is actually to check your UI during an encounter and check things like addons/Keybinds.Jut take a screenshot and link us without using http:/ in the beggining.

    There are alo few more aspects you ll need to work on (like NR gear,list some more Addons/consumambles)

    In any cae wait for Hammertimez guidance, he will reply you soon ;D

    Au revoir, and good luck

    P.S: Dont mind ljigavi he is our Guild troll (wannabe) but i guess you understood that on your own already Razz

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    Serasvic - Holy Paladin Empty Re: Serasvic - Holy Paladin

    Post  Seras on Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:06 am

    Well i expected a repply like he did to be honnest. I know attument are really important but i could get them in one or two days.

    I'ld like help for an add-on list that works on vanilla and for consumables too.

    Anyway thanks for reading and repplying and thanks for the tips
    Master Sergeant
    Master Sergeant

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    Serasvic - Holy Paladin Empty Re: Serasvic - Holy Paladin

    Post  Hammertimez on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:48 pm

    Ill be quick about this.
    First of all u need to be attuned to all of the raids before u apply.
    2) ur experience,u havent been to any aq 40 -nax runs.
    3)Ur consumables - u cant only use flasks and mana pots there are bunch of other things u shoudl bring in raids.
    4)Addons bigwigs and ctw at least is a must.
    5)Ur gear is a bit too low for a nax raiding guild.
    So if u fix all of it u can whisp me in the game- Hammertimez.

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