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    Read this before applying.


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    Read this before applying. Empty Read this before applying.

    Post  Vargen on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:17 pm

    Information you should know before posting your application.

    First of all I would like to say welcome to our recruiting forum. This topic is a guideline to help you understand what kind of people we want in the guild and how you can improve your chances to become a part of our community.

    From the moment you are accepted to the guild, you will become a part of our family, you will be treated with respect and we also expect you to treat others the same way and show good manners to our members. We do not judge people from their age or nationality since we rather priorities performance and good behavior however if you have bedtimes or are unable to raid with us for some other reason you should search for another guild.

    When typing your application please take time to make it as propely done as you can to reflect yourself, this will help us to understand and making it easier for us to decide if you suits the guild. It is very important that you are honest when answering the questions, if we find out that you have lied about anything we will have to let you go.

    Praeda will always do what is best for the guild and not the players which means items and similiar things will be prioritated to improve the performance to the guild and not the players. If you do not concur about this you should not make an application.

    Also I totally forgot, Zerroc's favourite song is: Lonely Island - Liek a baws

    More coming soon.

    Best regards Sarasi

    Read this before applying. Harebell
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    Read this before applying. Empty Re: Read this before applying.

    Post  Blueprint on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:13 am

    As now Praeda's most classes are almost or already full on spots we are adding one more criteria for our newcommers to fulfill before they join the guild.
    • We will want you to have the BiS Pre-Raid equipment you can aquire - that means dungeon loot, quest items and crafted gear.

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