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    Post  Vargen on Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:10 pm

    Praeda, guild rules

    These following rules are to provide a friendly atmosphere in the guild and also restrictions to avoid conflicts and confusion in the community. Each member of Praeda are expected to follow the rules and to be a model to others. If there is a conflication in the guild or someone breaks a rule, contact an officer instead of telling who did what in the chat. Since there are different types of "deeds" it will be up to the officers to discuss what actions that will be made. Most rules are just common sense, the only language that is allowed in the chat is English. You may not loot items from bosses or trash without permission. Be mature and friendly to players, both inside and outside the guild to keep a good reputation. The officers descisions are the law, if you find it unfair you should talk to either me (Sarasi) or Nyem. If someone inside the guild "broke a rule" take a screenshot and send it to an officer. If you have to go away for vacation or if you have to be inactive for a longer time, tell us or you might end up getting kicked. These rules will be updated with time so try to keep an eye on the thread.


    Since we have had some problems with the discipline on Teamspeak lately I am forced to make some changes. First of all, when a leader talks you are quiet and pay attention and do not oppose him. Second of all, if you want to say something that does not contribute to the raid like a joke, you say it in the chat. If you are talking nonsense during the raid you will receive - dkp and edventually get kicked. This is to keep the teamspeak clear and relief the raiding for us leaders.

    I have also noticed some attitude problems, and this is I can not tolerate. If you cross "the line" or are disrespectful to the guild or any members you will be kicked on the spot without any chances of coming back. We are a team and are supposed to help each other.

    Sincerly Sarasi.

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