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    Prevails protection warri Empty Prevails protection warri

    Post  Prevails on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:04 am

    Your name : Dragan

    Your age :25

    Your nationality :Serb

    Your time zone:GMT+1

    Character name :Prevails

    Class :Warrior

    Race :Human


    Attuned to MC/BWL/Naxxramas : yup 3/3 needed + both UBRS and Onyxia.

    List all your gear and enchants
    head: [Helm of Domination] with Hakkari idol /[Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator]

    Neck:[Pendant of the Shifting Sands] [Talisman of Protection]
    Shoulder: [Stockade Pauldrons] with 30ap. (tho i aim to get and hold on +5 to all resist on shoulders in future)
    Cloak: [Sandstorm Cloak] with 1% dodge .
    Chest: [Enchanted Thorium Breastplate] with 100hp.
    Wrist: [Icebane Bracers] with +9stamina.
    hands:[Gauntlets of Might] +15 agility.
    Waist:[Belt of the Sand Reaver] (aimed for t1 belt tho it overpriced on ah, and also no much luck in MC, but will proly get it in time to come)
    legs: [Legplates of Wrath] with Hakkari idol
    feet: [Core Forged Greaves] +7stamina.
    rings: [Band of Resolution][Overlord's Crimson Band]
    Trinkets: [Force of Will] [Vigilance Charm] 
    Weapon: [Bloodlord's Defender] with 15 agility.
    Sheild: [Drillborer Disk] [Draconian Deflector] [Earthen Guard] +7 stam on all.

    Range: [Mandokir's Sting]  [Crossbow of Imminent Doom]

    Resistances: 219Fire , 194Nature, (have also 85in shadow and Frost resistance crafted set)
    Show Us UI :
    List of the addons: ImpErrorFrame, _LazyPig AggroAlert, BigWigs, CCWatch, CEnemyCastBar, CT_RaidAssist, CThunWarner, DamageMeters(healing taken) MobInfo. SalvationKiller.
    SatrinaBuffFrame, SCT, TankBuddy, UltimateUI.

    PvE Experience : all content up to Loatheb (Naxx before Merge) now only aq20, zg, MC (core merge)

    Previous guilds in Feenix : few social ones and mostly guildless.

    Are you able to attend to atleast 3 raids, every week (We raid Sun,Tues,Thurs 19:30-23:30 Server Time and invites start at 19.00 ST): Yes.

    Can you come to raids and supply your own consumables (e.g. Flasks).Please state what concumables you are using: Yes i do.

    Flask of the titans.
    Elixirs: Elixir of giants, Elixir of Mongoose, Gift of Arthas, Elixir of Superior defense (atm in search for brute force)
    Potions: Troll blood potion,Major healing potion, Stoneshield potin, School protection potions (Fire, Shadow, Nature)
    Consumes and Buffs: Rumsey rum, Dirge, Thenderwolf stick, Zandalar Spirit zanza (+50stam/spi 2hrs buff)
    Blasted land +25stam buff 1hr and DMF 10% Hp 2hr buff Stamina and Armor Scrolls.

    [b]We might have to rotate you during a raid, are you willing to stay on stand by ? Yes i have no problem with that.

    Have you read the rules and do you accept them ?Yes.

    Is there any member in <Praeda> that can vouch for you ? anybody with  + bellow my apply. Cool(i rly can't say that)

    ince the forum is a big part of the community you are obligated to be active on the forum and sign up for raids and contribute with your opinions. Are you willing to go along with this: Yes, if use shouts and things like it, if anything of interest i put on the forum section, but at most i READ guild forum.

    Zerroc's favourite song: Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions

    Add something you think we find interesting or useful : Please take me again into consideration. As all i can give is my Raid show up, friendly attitude and trying to push my game as far as i can to contribute to the guild and in the end my game quality > i follow orders with no self acts> did all i could to make Changes Dubiu pointed me on, and that pretty much it for now.

     Greeting                     Prevails! cheers 
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    Prevails protection warri Empty Re: Prevails protection warri

    Post  Dopeey on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:30 pm

    Greetings and sorry for the late post.

    We alked in-game so much.

    Accepted, Welcome to <Praeda> . GL & HF(your main prio)


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